American Oak – Mega Dining Table

Lets put the cards on the Table

Our 1st project on the job board after lauching into our new business venture here at Craftbuilt industries was a complete custom made table and chair package for a client in Hastings.

A bespoke American Oak family table which consisted of x 1 main table 1300mm x 2900mm and x 2 smaller tables 800mm x 2900mm  which can be set out in U shape allowing to serve guest from the center OR set out as one big square 2900mm x 2900.

In addition to the table we also manufactured x 20 American oak Paul Drummond designed Lybster chairs

Our client is super happy with the strength, look and build quality, Has comment to us was………. “Every time we have friends around for a sit up meal we always end up talking about the table and chairs – It was a lot of money well spent on a life time investment”

I have thoroughly enjoyed getting back into what I love best and using my hands and mind to create beautiful pieces.
Please feel free to email us with your dream projects in the future.

CRAFTBUILT – For the love of wood.