Find the perfect Christmas gift for everyone

Almost one month to go and still have no idea of what to buy? Maybe it´s time to think about it.


Be calm and enjoy the holiday season with peace of mind that everyone on your list is taken care of, with our suggestions!

The following Christmas gift ideas are assured to make anyone’s holiday special. From the  smallest to biggest items, from brother, sister, child, or loved one, you will not need to search anywhere else for the perfect present.



Bridge Desk

Working from home is becoming a fact of life. Keeping that in mind it is crucial for motivation and productivity to have a comfortable home office environment. Design and storage solution are a must to keep work organized and “Bridge” desk is a great exemple. This is our suggestion as a present for your father, brother or son.

Who won´t be happy to receive this sofisticated desk for Christmas?



Tree Lounge Chair

As a gift for your parents we suggest the “Tree” lounge chair. It perfectly combines the comfort and elegance needed in any living room or lounge area.

For a moment of leisure and rest with style!



Pillows and more pillows

Cushions are always a good suggestion to buy as a gift. It allows plenty of different uses to create a comfortable, colourful and different ambiences.

From printed to plain fabrics we are sure everyone will be happy.



Soft Sloth

This is Billy, a cute Pygmy Three-Toed Sloth, asking you to take it home! We will not even dare to suggest this only for kids, as all of our team are surrendered to this beauty.

Available in two sizes: L (38x90cm) and M (27x68cm)

It will make your home a happier place 😊

Will you take it home?



Just call us Santa!

Order from our online store now and make sure everyone on your list is be taken care of and receive it on time!