How to enjoy and create dream nooks in your home

Do you know that feeling that something is missing in a certain space in your home, or because it’s too small for furniture, or because it’s in a seemingly difficult place to decorate, or because you lack inspiration?

If that happens to you, there are some solutions, with decoration elements and accessories that can convert these empty spaces into dream corners.

Here are some creative and stylish ideas.

Get inspired!

1- Corner in the bedroom or living room

Add an accent chair and, depending on the space, some decorative elements such as pictures, a side table, a floor lamp and / or plants. You will get a beautiful and cosy reading and leisure corner.

Loop lounge chair and Hexa side table in walnut
Tree lounge chair
Retro Scandinavian chair
Niemeyer armchair and Azores Wall lamps

Another solution, especially for those working from home, is to create an elegant and functional home office with a desk. Choose for a minimalist desk, but with a few drawers, in order to always keep papers organized, and also, a tidy room.

Segreti Desk
Concierge Desk / Console
Bridge Desk

2- Blank corners

Transforming a blank corner into a dreamscape is simpler than you think.

Adding in a bench or cushions, a windowsill creates a cosy and comfortable space to relax and unwind.

Inspiration image

3- Dead area under staircase

This can be transformed in the most stunning ways possible, increasing the home’s functionality and beauty.

You can create a green patch for a feeling of tranquillity:

Inspiration image

Again, a reading nook, perfect to enjoy a book, a long phone conversation or listen to your favourite music. A nice little place to get away from it all.

Inspiration image

What about a pet sleeping area? can you imagine how happy your dogs and cats will be?

Inspiration image

Extra storage is always a good solution, special when needed.

Craftbuilt´s staircase project

A tiny library

Inspiration image

Or (this could be your favourite 😊) a wine cellar

Inspiration image

4- Entryways

Here we can create a more creative and inviting corner that gives you the good feeling of arriving home.

A console, with some decorative elements that match the tones of your home and taste, a chair that, in addition to being a decorative accessory, will serve to put down your wallet or put on / take off your shoes, and a wall mirror, to create the illusion of space to the house and be able to give that last validation to your look, before leaving home.

CanCan coat stand and Casanova sideboard
Looshaus table lamp and Pianist Console

And entryway storage is always a great option

Inspiration image
Inspiration image

5- Balcony

If you have a balcony, why not use it for different purposes?

If it is big enough to accommodate some furniture, opt for a corner bench, a comfy chair with a footrest, a love seat and plants.

Inspiration image

Or a wood wall and deck with planters, a wicker chair with pillows and a cushion

Inspiration image

If the balcony is too small for a table but you enjoy to had your coffee or work with a view, add a bespoke table without any legs and it will not take much space.

Inspiration image

6- Stylish readding nook

It can be done by placing a Bookshelf, a carpet on the floor and a beautiful armchair. Reading activities can be an exciting option for everyone.

Minimalist wall shelves in the Corner of the room, can also be a good solution

XI Bookshelf
Loop lounge chair and Wika side table
wall bookshelf bespoke Craftbuilt
Inspiration image

We hope you´ve enjoyed readding these ideas 😊

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