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The art of fretwork began more than 3000 years ago with fretted inlays on furniture in Egypt. It has been popular in North America and Europe from the mid 1800’s until today.

Fretwork of the 1800’s and early 1900’s was manufactured by hand with hand fretsaws or foot-powered scroll saws. Nowadays, a high proportion of our fretwork components are manufactured on a CNC machine, providing consistent and accurate results every time.


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Freight Policy
Urban North Island $15
Urban South Island $20
Rural North Island $20
Rural South Island $25
Over 1.8m North Island $35
Over 1.8m South Island $45
Fire Surrounds Nationwide $100

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Types / timbers

A7 – Untreated/Paint Quality, A7 – Pale Rimu, A7 – Heart Rimu, B2 – Untreated/Paint Quality, B2 – Pale Rimu, B2 – Heart Rimu, B7 – Untreated/Paint Quality, B7 – Pale Rimu, B7 – Heart Rimu, B8 – Untreated/Paint Quality, B8 – Pale Rimu, B8 – Heart Rimu, B11 – Untreated/Paint Quality, B11 – Pale Rimu, B11 – Heart Rimu