Kobe chair


Kobe is a simple, yet interconnected chair with a solid wood frame, designed to be perceived as a homogeneous object. The arms, legs, seat and splat aren’t separate parts, but a harmonious whole, inspired by the Japanese aesthetic concept of Bi (totality in details).

The chair got its name from the Japanese city of Kobe, and its forms resemble the parts of the city emblem, a stylized old kana, depicted as two fans.

The precision of the silhouette, the detailed craftsmanship of the joinery and upholstery, as well as the interconnected solid wood frame, makes it an elegant and comfortable but also stable and robust chair, ideal both for domestic and contract use.



L 625 D 516 H 810 || 0.26 M³

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wood/fabric options

oak classic fabric, oak premium fabric, walnut classic fabric, walnut premium fabric