The Berço rocking chair – Fiberglass


Could a chair be round? And not having a single leg and still move? Can the same chair be used to think, imagine and rest? Yes. We believe that whenever you are quietly thinking, your mind is doing wonderful things. Let your ideas evolve in the “Berço”. Whether you see it as a smile shape chair, a fun chaise longue or a rocking cradle without legs. To us, it’s a place to rest, think and do. With a name that literally means baby cradle in portuguese, the “Berço” is a solid rocking chair where children and grownups can enjoy while thinking or resting.


Material: Fiberglass (can be used outdoor) / Cushion: camel

Dimensions: 160 x 80 x 120 cm


Delivery time: + or – 14 weeks

Available on backorder


Delivery time:  +or- 14 weeks