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Whether you are wanting to enhance that ‘Country Look’ to your kitchen, or simply add flair to a plain shelf, our range of corbels has options to suit every taste. Available in Paint Quality, Rimu, and Radiata as standard, or we will manufacture in any species to suit.

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Corbels | Product A1

A1: 150mm x 90mm x 40mm

Corbels | Product A2

A2 Large: 308mm x 130mm x 86mm A2 Small: 210mm x 103mm x 86mm

Corbels | Product A3

A3: 308mm x 130mm x 86mm

Corbels | Product A5

A5: 250mm x 115mm x 86mm

Corbels | Product A13

A13: 400mm x 75mm x 105mm Plinth size: 140mm x 108mm

Corbels | Product B9

B9: 190mm x 57mm x 40mm

Corbels | Product CRV1

CRV1: 560mm x 80mm x 12mm (LH/RH) Pair

Corbels | Product C11

C11: 380mm x 108mm x 132mm

Corbels | Product C12

C12: 500mm x 130mm x 190mm

Corbels | Product C13

C13: 375mm x 120mm x 112mm

Corbels / Untreated, Paint Quality, Pale Rimu & Heart Rimu

Code Size (H x D x W) mmUntreated/Paint QualityPale RimuHeart Rimu
A1 150 x 190 x 40$36.76$49.81$58.50
A2- Small 210 x 103 x 86$88.23$141.07$213.94
A2- Large 308 x 130 x 86$115.65$172.16$271.55
A3 308 x 130 x 86$99.28$183.17$285.24
A5 250 x 115 x 86$99.28$183.17$285.24
A13 400 x 75 x 105$248.03$284.79$431.66
B9 190 x 57 x 40$221.68$246.69$273.36
CRV1 560 x 80 x 12 (LH/RH) Pair$122.71$152.30$168.09
C11 380 x 108 x 132$1015.40$1132.15$1306.83
C12 500 x 130 x 190$1136.10$1250.26$1445.64
C13 375 x 120 x 112$1085.14$1208.15$1394.33

All prices include GST. Contact us for wholesale rates.

Freight Policy
Urban North Island $15
Urban South Island $20
Rural North Island $20
Rural South Island $25
Over 1.8m North Island $35
Over 1.8m South Island $45
Fire Surrounds Nationwide Non Rural $200

Returns Policy
If you wish to return a product that we carry in stock that is not faulty or damaged, we will accept it for credit/refund within 7 days. The product must be in its original condition. Products that are not in their original condition will not be accepted for return. This includes products that have been installed or painted.

Please note that a 20% restocking fee will apply and freight charges are the responsibility of the customer. No returns can be accepted for any special orders.

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