Self isolate – Work from home in luxury style (Part I)


In this time of Coronavirus pandemic keeping people apart from each other will reduce the spread !

Working from home is a great option for some employees and companies these days and there are several suggestions that could help you to keep productive.

In this article we focus on investing in a comfortable, chic, ergonomically friendly, professional and proper place to work, like a real office would be, and at the same time keep your home clean, organized and in style! Find our examples and suggestions below:


      1- Desk


If you work with a computer and just a few papers, our range of desks will give you some perfect options.

Chosing the right desk to work from must incorporate design, comfort and storage to organize your days.


Bridge Desk

This is the ultimate solution for smaller places. It has perfect dimensions and includes a drawer hidden under the base which slides out the front. This well designed desk is oozing style, Clean curves, Light footprint, Comfort and storage to organize your day.


Click here to pre-order.


Metis Desk

This styley but complex desk can be used from both sides. You can work alone or have your son/daughter nearby (in front of you) and keep an eye on them whilst working.

( Once Covid 19 is over you will be able to have clients sitting oppersite you 😊 )

It has plenty of storage: three drawers, two lidded sections and one secret compartment for your valuable documents and that sneaky chocolate bar.

If you have a big space to fill then this desk will be the perfect option for you.


Click here to pre-order.


Custom made

Still can’t decide yet ? Do you have your own style ? Do you have something you like in a magazine or online and want something similar or modified to fit your requirements ? Maybe you have a beautiful vintage desk which needs restoration? Do you need inspiration? Here at Craftbuilt, we have the craftsmanship, skills, patience and attention to detail that allows us to offer a full custom manufacturing service.


Craftbuilt In The Detail

Click here to contact us.


        2- Chair


Make sure your back is straight and supported. If you are one who sits for long periods then choose our padded upholstery chairs.


Sartor Chair

Solid, understated luxury and comfortable, what else? Fabric, Velvet or leather options available.

Click here to pre-order.


Figueroa Chair

With minimal lines and a structure in stainless steel finished with golden bath, gives the ideal luxury touch.

The top of the chair features the great bow of the skyline and the yellow tone of the ground is replaced by the brass feet.

Choose your colour.



Click here to pre-order.


        3- Bookshelf


Decor shelves are great tools to keep a workroom organized. Store your books, magazines and folders safely. Add some storage boxes and some decorative items to make it feel homely.


X2 Smart Shelf

This is a fully customizable Shelf. It allows to create new storage compartments to adapt to your room and could be used as a divider. Thumbs up to this amazing design?

Click here to pre-order.


XI Bookshelf

If you don´t have that much space and need something smaller, but yet still remaining stylish, this contemporary bookshelf with a unique shape, designed to be assembled very easily without tools or screws, will fit perfectly!

Click here to pre-order.



There you have it. In the next article (Part II) you will be introduced to other important items that compliment this subject: Work from home in style!


We hope you have enjoyed this inspirational read.

Look out for our next post.



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