Self isolate – Work from home in luxury style (Part II)


Heading into the second week of lockdown, and hoping you are all safe and well, we follow on from our previous article.

Still working from home?

Here are some more tips to help organize yourself during these days, in granduer and style.



      4- Dining Table


In Part I arcticle we spoke about desks for those who don’t have or need much space.

However if you work with tonnes of papers, product samples, extra monitor screen (like architects and designers), you will need beyond question a bigger workstation!

A good solution is to convert your dining table into a workspace as a transitional work area and as a short term solution, Easily done?


To create a hideway home office there are some strategies to prevent work from overtaking the dining room and the main purpose of it, such as:

– Select a styley looking wooden cabinet or side table for storage

– Use a tablecloth or clear plastic sheet to avoid damaging the table from scratches

– Have a tray, allowing to move papers and other items easier.

– Choose a wireless Mouse (= less cables)


Soma Table





        5- Lighting


Lighting is very important for your eyes and can improve your mood. There are hundreds of desk lamps in the market, However if this lockdown period drags on for months why not splash out on some luxury to cheer you up, Wouldn’t it be stunning if your lamp was as stylish as this one 😊


“Being a carved block of marble, Looshaus is a contemporary luxury lighting piece. The light exalts the beauty of the marble’s natural rays while directly illuminating the open gallery created by the vertical brass columns”.

By: Insidherland (distributed in New Zealand by Craftbuilt Industries)


Or quirky as this one:


Treillis Table lamp with a very rich sight of twisting shapes and angles contrasting with its unique and balanced front reading, where its monochromatic nature gives a reading without any visual distractions”.

Also available in white and yellow.

By: Mokki Design (distributed in New Zealand by Craftbuilt Industries)




        6- Décor Items: Cushions and Plants


Decor shelves are great tools to keep a workroom organized. Store your books, magazines and folders safely. Add some storage boxes and some decorative items to make it feel homely.

– If you have comfortable chairs already, as per our suggestion in last article, maybe you won´t need cushions for that purpose, unless you want to add even more comfort and style or to enhance your mood, you can always add additional colour to your room for hapiness and good vibes!

We suggest colouful or natural patterns for inspiration, at least you can pretend to be outside and free 😊

Available in our online store



Plants are always a good investment, It’s not just about improving your indoor look, but researches has gone into the benefits of plants and human health. Seeing a plant can subconsciously make you feel calm and relaxed. Just choose the right ones.

Black House Creative, located in Auckland, could help you further with that subject. They have a big collection of beautiful pot and plants.

Take a look into their website: Black House Creative


Credits: Black House Creative




        7- Stress Ball


As an extra tip, we would suggest a stress ball, especial for those who live in apartments.

The motion of squeezing the ball repeatedly can help to release stress and tension which can help to improve the quality of your life and increased feeling of well-being.


Sorry, we don’t sell stress balls. The nearest thing we could offer here at Craftbuilt is a bag full of wood shavings 😊





There you have it. In the next article (Part II) you will be introduced to other important items that compliment this subject: Work from home in style!


We hope you have enjoyed this inspirational read.

Look out for our next post.



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