Spruce Staircase

Back in October 2017 after watching out our lounge window for some months we saw the construction of a two story house getting built five doors up the road from our house.

At this point in time I was away from my woodwork career – Was working as a sales rep travelling around the lower north island. As my love for woodwork and building stairs got the better of me I plucked up the courage to bowl up to the house and speak with the builder who put me in touch with the owner who was most delighted that I was willing to build there stairs.

After a few conversations we came up with a design, She wanted that pale Scandinavian look, plus the client having come from Liverpool U.K she also wanted the turned English balustrade look. We decided to use Spruce timber as it laminates well and is very strong but light compared to other timbers, Has a good strength to weight ratio, has tight knots which add character, I also had some nice straight Macrocarpa timber in my Garage which we also incorporated into the project as the handrail and tread inlay.

I had very limited machinery in my home garage, I did invest in a new Makita Router, set to work (after hours and weekends) loved every minute of the journey.

We installed the stairs late December 2017, The end result turned out beautifully, The client was very happy.

As a result of this project it has given me the courage and confirmation the woodworking is my calling. One year later here we are now owning Craftbuilt industries, building and creating beautiful creations from the most wonderful resource available……..WOOD

Craftbuilt – For the love of wood.